IT Staff Augmentation

Staff augmentation has become a trendy way of hiring developers in the IT industry. IT staff augmentation is a way of hiring remote IT staff to find the hard-to-fill or temporary positions in your in-house team on an on-demand basis.

So you can add extra talents who are ready to join your project at any phase, including urgent situations. Your augmented IT staff is managed directly by you and only works on your projects for a specified period of time.

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Staff augmentation is the use of external specialists on-demand to augment the capacity of your organisation. Your staff augmentation partner takes away the hassle of finding and managing high tech personnel and so you can focus on your core business activities. These remotely located augmented staff work only for your organisation and can be hired for short or long-term contracts.

What is Staff Augmentation?

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Types of Staff Augmentation

There are different types of staff augmentation: short-term and long-term hiring models. Short-term staff augmentation (3 – 6 months) is ideal for filling in the demand when in-house staff are overloaded with work or when your company needs immediate resources. Long-term staff augmentation, the more commonly used service, is perfect for finding developers for big projects where it is expected to take place for 1 year or longer. It can significantly reduce operational costs and the time for in-house hiring.

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